London, England

For the past three years it has been a tradition to do a trip on my birthday. I really enjoy the outdoors/camping style of trips, but this year was nothing short of a typical adventure. Instead of mountain peaks and endless trails I was treated to concrete, rush hour, warm beer, and Brexit in one of the world’s largest cities.

Maria suprised me with a week long trip to London as she has been dreaming about taking me here one day since she used to live and work here years ago . She was going to be my local tour guide as long as I played the tourist part. 📸📸

Here are some of my favorite photos from along the way.

Hope you enjoy!

Her Majesties Horses

Her Majesties Muscle…

Her Majesties Top Model

Palace of Westminster

Brexit in London.

Westminster Abbey

London’s public transit system is probably one of the best in the world. So easy to use, you can go anywhere and it’s fast. We used a mix of both the tube and bus. No need for an expensive taxi.

National Gallery

Chinese New Year 🧧 in London.

We asked an employee for their best tea. He told us the price and we immediately left…


Coffee with a view!

Pizza with a view!

Natural History Museum… Go early before the school field trips arrive.

Rock On

The Imperial War Museum

Old-Fred has 49 confirmed kills.

Camden Town

Coming to a store near you!

Cyber Dog: For all your rave and burning man attire…

The London Bridge

Tower Bridge

Her Majesties Aquatic Muscle

St. Paul’s Cathedral

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