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Project Description

The primary objective of this project was to work with the executives of 100% FAT in coordination with partners at Saxion University to document and develop strategies and a plan for launching 100% FAT into the United States market. Contracted to develop market analysis and a marketing strategy, a recommended business model, suggest a launch strategy, and develop a report and presentation around the aforementioned items.

Project Details

Client: 100% FAT

Date: Spring 2013

View: www.100fat.nl

100% FAT Living Room Exhibit

Extensive market research was performed on but not limiting to competition, potential partners, and museum organizations.

Developed recommendations for promotion, branding and selling strategies for a U.S. start up.


In-person meetings with Executive Directors at The Leonardo, Kimball Art Center, and Natural History Museum of Utah in the Salt Lake City Utah area to obtain further information, recommendations, practices, and organizations to help with a successful launch strategy.

United States Launch Strategy

Identified two different strategies to successfully launch in the U.S. Primarily focusing around a strategic partnership with a very specific larger organization that was also researching an expansion into the U.S. Market. This organization was seeking contractors that could be relied upon to provide state of the art technology for awarded business projects.

100%FAT and Company XYZ had similar missions, goals and strategies making a potentially ideal partnership.

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