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Hi, I am Geoffrey H. Chandler, born in Southern California, raised in Bend Oregon, graduated in Salt Lake City Utah and now living in Málaga Spain. I am a young self-driven entrepreneur that is tirelessly seeking new knowledge and experiences that will last a lifetime.

I am a motivated business professional, who specializes in online growth strategies while emphasizing environmentally friendly business ethics but with a cost-conscious attitude by using cutting edge technology and innovative techniques.

If I am not working on a freelance or a consulting project, or trying to grow my current baby Málaga Flow, I am testing yet another business endeavor to help grow my personal and financial goals.  Always seeking additional ways to better my life, if that be, my health, my relationships, my business, but most importantly my future. I strive to improve myself on a daily basis.   

Why Geoffrey Chandler?

Trust. You can trust me to get the job done, on time and in a professional manner. I am a project driven, timeline based person who follows through with his word. 

Passion and Enthusiasm. When I put my mind to something, it is 100% or nothing. I love what I do and that passion helps me wake up every morning exciting for the day. 

Easy Going Attitude. I have a fun, positive, outgoing personality which allows me to get along well with clients and harbor strong, long-lasting business relationships. 

Respect. I pride myself on being respectful and courteous towards others. “Treat people the way you would like to be treated.” Is something my father taught me as a young boy and to this day, a motto I very much live by. 

Ambition and Perseverance. I have an appetite for success. I am a self-driven, hardworking, honest person who goes above and beyond what is asked of me. 

Attention to Detail. My thoroughness and accuracy in my work have lead to me being called a perfectionist. These qualities I acquired at BT Auto Detail have always stuck with me and shine through on my current work.

Let me put my skills into action for you! 

I invite you to take a look around, visit my Projects page to understand my proficiencies and proud previous professional work accomplishments. Check out either of my SEO Consulting, Social Media Consulting and or Website Design pages to better understand how I help my clients succeed online and get a leg up on the competition. Additionally, see what adventures I have been up to recently in my Blog, and also drop me a line at my Contact page.

  • Motivated Business Professional 100% 100%
  • Energy Level 100% 100%
  • Passion 100% 100%
  • Personal Aspiration 100% 100%
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Experienced in full-stack website design, social media marketing, SEO optimization, B2B/B2C sales strategies, online growth hacks, international ocean freight logistics with an emphasis on supply chain management/optimization, import/export customs, photography/videography, content creation, business customer relations and contract management.

A veteran of prioritization, exploration, patience, navigation, motivation and lean startup business tactics. I am fluent in leadership, negotiation, public speaking, customer satisfaction, problem-solving, strategic planning and curiosity.

Technology skills consist of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, CSS, Javascript, HTML, C+++, MySQL, PHP architecture, SAP,  Crystal Ball, Fact Sheet, IRIS 2, MAC OS, iOS, Windows OS, Android OS.

Management Platforms consist of Trello, Slack, Zoom,, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Squarespace, WooCommerce and Hubspot.

Language skills consist of advanced Spanish, British English and of course my native tongue: American English.

Marketing Platforms consist of Google Adsense, Google Ads, Google Doubleclick, Microsoft Advertising (Bing ads), Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Ads, Commission Junction, Amazon Associate Program, Zanox Marketplace and Post Affiliate Pro.

SEO Platforms consist of MOZ Pro, SEMRush, ahrefs, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, WordZe, Google Trends, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Bing Keyword Research Tool, and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Social Media skills consist of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, IGTV, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, SnapChat, Vero, Quora, WhatsApp, WeChat and Vine for businesses. Hootsuite, Audiense, and Mailchimp. Including API expertise for App and website integration.


Outside of work, I enjoy skiing, mountain biking, dirt biking, fishing, hiking, camping, cooking, being with my family and my girlfriend, playing with my dog and exploring.

I try to maintain a healthy work-life balance and find that nature and exploration keep me sane from our culturally non-stop stressful lifestyles.


Obtained a Bachelors of International Business with a minor in Spanish at Westminster College in Salt Lake City Utah.

This degree prepared me with the skills, resources, and cultural perspective to conduct effective, successful global business.

Retained Dean’s List 6 out of 8 semesters with a Major GPA of 3.6 and Accumulative GPA of 3.4. 

Was fortunate enough to study International Business Hispanic Studies at the Universidad de Málaga in Málaga Spain fall semester 2012.

Currently attending Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Málaga and obtaining a BFA in Estudios Hispánicos.

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