Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy Solar Panel Field

Project Description

Advanced Energy is a global leader in reliable power conversion solutions used in thin-film plasma manufacturing processes and solar energy generation. AEI has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power and it shows through its leading product categories: process power products, high-voltage power systems and thermal management systems.

Achieved a short term Financial Apprenticeship under the VP of Finance in the companies solar powered inverter branch located in Bend Oregon.

Advanced Energy Worker Placing Solar Panels

Responsibilities & Initiative

Assessed and audited inventory, commissions, outgoing orders, accounts receivable and payable, warranty claims and other financial accounts.

Led project to identify potential new investors and strategic partners. Presented to VP of Finance a strategic analysis of AEI including internal and external environmental analysis to help determine investors for future ventures.

Advanced Energy Employee Testing Converter

Solar Power International Tradeshow

Helped prepare marketing team for the Solar Power International Trade Show in Florida by creating marketing materials and marketing deliverables. Also researched and organized target accounts for the sales team to focus on while at the trade show.

I assisted regional sales team at AEI in informational logistics through CRM Software.