Weddings are the best! Especially when they are a Spanish wedding that go on for 3 days and nights!

Introducing one of the best weddings I have ever been invited to: La Fiesta Boda.

Not having a lot to contribute in terms of currency as a gift, I decided to take it upon myself to shoot photos and videos for the wedding. My main gift was a video edit which I have posted below.

The wedding was set to be a 4 day, 3 night wedding. The invitation that was sent via mail translated to: You are cordially invited to the party wedding! Party wedding eh? Oh and its in Barcelona? Count me in!

We arrived early to help and explore before the festivities got under way. Here is our journey through photos telling the story, enjoy!

If you know me well, I can’t stand being cooped up in a concrete jungle for to long. I need that clean mountain air and quite peaceful views to myself to think and recenter. Plus what isn’t a trip to the north of spain without an amazing sunset with your squad!

Entonces... La Fiesta Boda

Congratulations Pedro and Silvia!

I feel so lucky to be able to share that amazing week with you and your families. Memories that will last a lifetime! I wish you both the absolute best in your future adventures and endeavors. I hope I can be apart of many more to come.

Besitos from the Málaga crew,

~Geoffrey, Juan Lius, Maria and Moka.


The Video…