Málaga Flow started out just like any typical Saturday night in a city. Shower, shave, have a drink, but then what? Go out to the same restaurant down the street for dinner? Go to the same bar that you go to every weekend with your friends or family? Then what about after that?  Hope you find something fun going on? Then rinse and repeat the next weekend?

I found myself constantly on the hunt for finding something fun to do on the weekend or after work after moving to Málaga Spain. I kept asking myself why does the city of Málaga have no events website? Every other major city in Europe has one and Málaga the 6th largest city in a country of 46 million does not? So it dawned on me that there was a void to be filled and so I got to work.


Our Mission & Vision

“Málaga Flow’s mission is to empower our readers with the information of what’s going on in every single corner of Málaga, enabling them with the finest knowledge to choose the best way to spend their time and money.”

-The MF Team...

Our Team

Our team is composed of young passionate hard working professionals that come from both Málaga and abroad to bring the absolute best content the beautiful city of Málaga has to offer.

They are obsessed with art, music, theatre, nature, photography, film, literature and culture. But most importantly, they are infatuated with this little paradise we call home: Málaga.

The One Man Band and His Newly Acquired Set of Skills


Bi-lingual Content

Native English and native Spanish content targeted at local Malagueña Spanish population and incoming English speaking tourists but with a fun and exciting writing style to keep readers entertained but also informed.

Website Design

Front end Website design through HTML, CSS and Javascript coding to implement the look and feel. Back end coding through PHP with occasional database/server work.

Design focused on security, speed, and simplicity but with a modern and upbeat look/feel.

Sales Stategy

Focused on two different segmented sales strategies: B2B through event, content, article and product promotions, ad campaigns through ad banners, newsletter emails, DM’s and posts through social media platforms.

B2C through affiliate links, ticket sales, rich media ads, flash ads, animated ads,  video ads, photo ads, text ads and product placement.

Graphic Design

Invented original Malaga Flows branding architecture, personality and image, also invented marketable deliverables, business cards, email signatures, layout and website styling through a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom.


Created all original photo and video content for Malaga Flow, including all social media content, email content,  and website content.

Furthermost, proudly executed photoshoots for local businesses, museums and galleries in Málaga for website sponsored content.


Content Creation

Wrote unique weekly evergreen content in both English and Spanish to preserve user retention and capture new users through strategic SEO and promotional campaigns.

Assembled content with usability, visual appeal, SEO keywords, and mobile compatibility in mind when uniquely tailoring each article.

Marketing Strategy

Targeted new users and clients through a combination of different advertising platforms with a cost conscious approach but entrusted in natural growth as well. Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, social media influencers, cold call and email campaigns were the primary platforms.

Advertising campaigns were initially targeted for local Spanish population and later expanded to Western Europe and North American markets.



Effectively grew Malaga Flow’s web traffic to obtain over 70% of organic search results through successful SEO Techniques.

25k unique users visited Malaga Flow withing the first six months since opening the website March 17, 2017 and still quickly growing!

Social Media

Gained over 3500 followers in less than six months through a majority of organic growth and strategic social media partnerships through out Málaga.

Excelled with Instagram platform but still adept on Facebook and Twitter platforms.

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