Why SEO?

(Search Engine Optimization)

To not only compete in today’s online and retail marketplace an online presence is essential. But only having a website is not enough. 

Even if you have a beautifully crafted website with all the latest features, what is the point if you don’t even show up in a major search engine? 

Industry Statistics


All online experiences begin with a search engine


Worldwide search engine traffic: Google


Consumer's who never scroll past the first page results of a search engine


Consumers who research a product before making a purchase

If you want your website to generate traffic, sales and or spread information, optimizing it for search engines is a mandatory requirement.

To effectively grow your business you must reach new consumers who know nothing about you and your business.

🚀 Long lasting viable results is the priority I implement for my customers. 🚀

My SEO tactics will help optimize your site to prominently rank on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other popular search engines.

Grow your online visibility and drive your website revenues with my best practice SEO consulting services at an affordable price.

Why Me?


  • I can increase the odds of your business showing where it counts, whether it be trying to target potential new customers locally, nationwide or globally.
  • I have a proven track record of boosting my client’s inbound sales leads by gaining them a majority of their leads through organic search traffic.
  • I offer a  transparent and strategic approach to online success through Search Engine Optimization.
    • My search marketing solutions provide quantifiable, measurable and dependable results for my clients.

    • My deep technical knowledge and demonstrated expertise makes me a viable choice for your SEO needs.

    What I Offer…

    SEO Copywriting
    Content creation to properly target new clientele and content editing to adjust and tweak pre-existing work to better maximize its SEO benefits.
    SEO Javascript & CSS Editing
    Coding optimization to help clean up code, add new features and support existing features.
    Google Local Optimization
    Properly boost and optimize your businesses local listing and help bring new sales traffic. 
    Keyword Research
    Keyword difficulty, selection, and recommendations for both short and long keyword through different keyword metrics.
    Ecommerce SEO
    Help expand your online store’s presence and make sure your products are found by consumers who are ready spend some money.
    Link Building
    Expertly crafted link building campaigns to help search engines online ranking but through forthright and honest means.  
    Online Public Relations
    Positive PR is an exponentially powerful SEO tool when correctly implemented. Gaining site exposure through news outlets, magazines, social media influencers, prominent blogs and other relevant online publications. 
    PPC Campaign Management
    Sometimes organic search traffic is not adequate to promote and target your audience. A proper PPC Campaign through Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing can quickly get the word out.
    On-Page Keyword Optimization
    Edit pre-existing on-page content to effectively target pre-determined keywords through Meta Data/Description, Title, URL, Header Tag, Image Alt Tags and more.
    SEO Training
    One on one or group training to help educate from a ground zero level to advanced users who need a refresher or just looking to learn the latest technology and growth hacks.
    SEO Audit
    If you have made your way down this far, I commend you! 👏🏻 I specialize in going into clients websites to rework, cleaning up and add content to help them organically grow their business through Free Search Engine Traffic.

    Interested In Working With Me?

    Not sure where to start? Have a question? Feel free to contact me for a free one on one consultation on how I can help you revamp your websites SEO through my SEO Consulting Services.